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Don't Screw It Up!
Avoid 434 Goofs to Save Time, Money, and Face

By Laura Lee

Subject: House & Home
Hardcover with jacket | 336 pages | 6 3/8 x 9 x 3/4
US$19.99 | CAN$21.99
Publication Date: 2013-03-07
ISBN: 9781621450054

Learning from failure is an effective—and entertaining—way to make information stick. This fun and engaging guide showcases hundreds of common screw-ups and how to avoid them. Do you know how to tie your shoe? Or do you just think you do but you’ve actually been screwing it up for decades like most people? This witty, light book takes a fresh spin on all the mistakes we make everyday that end up costing us big in our wallets, our health, our homes, and beyond. Topics covered are Yourself (appearance, skills, all things you), Your Home, Your Cooking, Your Money, Your Relationships & Family, and Your Health. This perfect combination of humor and wisdom entertains readers as they learn how to make their lives better by avoiding and remedying common screw-ups.