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Stop & Drop DietTaste of Home Simple & Delicious Cookbook

From Taste of Home, this exciting new cookbook follows Simple & Delicious magazine by offering family-pleasing foods you can make in minutes! Read more.

Now Available!

Reverse Diabetes Forever Newly UpdatedReverse Diabetes Forever
How to Shop, Cook, Eat and Live Well
with Diabetes

The only guide you'll ever need to mastering diabetes (type 1 or type 2), once and for all. In this comprehensive book, you'll find the latest science and expert advice that enables you—at long last—to take control. Read more.

Recent Releases

Diabetes Quick-Fix with Magic Foods
Balance Your Blood Sugar to Lose Weight and Supercharge Your Energy!
ISBN: 9781621454045
Paperback | 336 pages | US $19.99

Laughter Totally is the Best Medicine
More Than 1,000 A---new Laughs to Share
ISBN: 9781621454069
Paperback | 216 pages | US $9.99

Our Canada Our Country Our Stories
Inspirational Tales from the Heart and Soul of this Great Land
ISBN: 9781621454090
Paperback | 320 pages | US $14.99

Reader's Digest Mind Stretchers Puzzle Book Vol. 5
Number Puzzles, Crosswords, Word Searches, Logic Puzzles and Surprises
ISBN: 9781621454007
Spiral bound | 192 pages | US $12.99

Reader's Digest Mind Stretchers Puzzle Book Vol. 6
ISBN: 9781621454083
Spiral bound | 192 pages | US $12.99

Reader's Digest Ultimate Christmas Puzzles
Stay Sharp and Focused All Season Long!
ISBN: 9781621454106
Paperback | 96 pages | US $9.99

Taste of Home Christmas 2nd Edition
350 Recipes, Crafts, Ideas for Your Most Magical Holiday Yet!
ISBN: 9781617657641
Paperback | 320 pages | US $17.99

Taste of Home Favorites—25th Anniversary Edition
Delicious Recipes Shared Across Generations
ISBN: 9781617657627
Spiral bound | 448 pages | US $24.99

Taste of Home Halloween Mini Binder
100+ Freaky Fun Recipes & Crafts for Ghouls of All Ages
ISBN: 9781617657689
Hardcover | 208 pages | US $12.99

Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook
Savor 175 Must-have Recipes Made Easy in the Instant Pot
ISBN: 9781617657665
Paperback | 256 pages | US $15.99

Taste of Home Pumpkin Mini Binder: 101 Delicious Dishes that Celebrate Fall's Favorite Flavor
ISBN: 9781617657849
Hardcover | 208 pages | US $12.99