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Knitter's Yarn Palette
The Ultimate Visual Guide to Choosing the Right Color, Texture & Style for Every Pattern

By Claire Montgomerie

Subject: Crafts & Hobbies
Hardcover | 176 pages | 8 3/4 x 8 3/4
US$24.95 | CAN$26.95
Publication Date: 2008-10-16
ISBN: 9780762109098
Forget plain Jane scarves and baby blue booties. Today's diverse knitters—some 50 million strong in North America—crave skeins of variety for stylish fashion pieces. Written by a rising young knitwear designer, Knitter's Yarn Palette spotlights exciting possibilities—from fun eyelash yarns to sumptuous angora—and showcases more than 200 full-color photos of yarns in every color, texture, and fiber imaginable. Sample swatches clearly show the results that can be achieved. This unique book explains everything there is to know about weight, gauge, texture, and the suitability of mixing yarns using a wide range of 30 projects that revolve around 10 exquisite, colorful themes including "Seashores," "Lazy Meadow," and "Tribal Adventure."


Claire Montgomerie is a London-based textile designer, with a master's degree in knitted textiles from the Royal College of Art. She has her own line of knitted accessories, called Monty. An excellent technical knitter, in both hand- and machine-knitting, she has created samples for the U.S. fashion market, contributed to a number of knitting and crochet books, made knitwear for movie costumes and has widely exhibited her work.