Reader's Digest Use Your Words Vol. 2

Reader's Digest Use Your Words Vol. 2
Word Power Quizzes & Quotable Quotes from America's Most Popular Magazine
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Following on the success of the first volume, Use Your Words, Volume 2, combines new selections from reader favorites Quotable Quotes and Word Power. Both of these columns have run in Reader’s Digest magazine for more than seventy years. In these pages you’ll find the best wit and wisdom from our brightest minds, along with more than fifty quizzes to enrich your vocabulary. With this gem in your hands, you’ll never be at a loss for just the right word.

Inside you’ll find:

—Quotes about everything from love to success to aging

—Toasts for every occasion

—Entertaining quizzes of amusing words

—And more!

  • COMBINES TWO OF THE MOST POPULAR COLUMNS FROM READER'S DIGEST: Quotable Quotes, as it appears today, first ran in January 1934. It was preceded by similar quote columns, including Remarkable Remarks, which ran in the first ever issue of Reader's Digest in February 1922, and Significant Sayings, which ran in June 1922. The quotes were, and continue to be, collected from a variety of books, speeches, journals, and articles. Word Power first ran in January 1945. Word Power's creator, Wilfred Funk, was a poet and lexicographer—his family was the “Funk” of the reference publisher Funk & Wagnalls.
  • PORTABLE PACKAGE PERFECT FOR ASSORTS: The handy, digest-sized package is perfect for the plane, train or automobile. At the same trim size as our Laughter the Best Medicine series, it can also be assorted with Quotable Quotes and Humor in Uniform.
  • TAPS INTO THE PUZZLE CRAZE: Test your vocabulary with the Word Power quizzes and then check the answers to see how you score.  Examples include:
  1. jejune (jih-'joon) adj.—A) in flower. B) immature. C) dark-haired—Answer:  B) immature.  My  childhood diaries seem so jejune to me now.
  2. umbrage ('uhm-brij) n.—A) indignant displeasure. B) destructive rage. C) meditative state.—Answer:  A) indignant displeasure.  Elvira took umbrage at being called a wicked witch.
  • HELPS YOU SOUND SMARTER: Quotable Quotes contain one-liners, words of wisdom, humor, advice, and insights from famous people from both yesteryear and today.  Examples include:
    • “Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.”—Pete Seeger
    • “Hurry up. You're dying..”—Megyn Kelly
    • “Even if I was king, I would do my own shopping.”—Prince Harry of Wales
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