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Family Handyman Trade Secrets
Fix Your Home Like a Pro!

By Editors at Family Handyman

Subject: House & Home
Paperback | 320 pages | 7 7/8 X 10 1/2 x 3/4
US$17.99 | CAN$18.99
Publication Date: 2012-06-14
ISBN: 9781606524862

This helpful guide is full of quick and simple techniques to help you fix all the little problems around the house. From hinges to lights to the garage, if you have a household problem, this book has the answer, with clear instructions, illuminating photographs and helpful tips and tricks.

Have you ever meant to fix that rickety old chair but just couldnít find the time?

Or maybe thereís a problem with your drains that you donít quite know how to fix but isnít worth calling a plumber about. We all have household projects that we keep putting off because we donít quite know how to go about doing them or we simply donít have the time. Now, Trade Secrets can help you shorten your to-do list by teaching you how to complete those projects quickly, safely and effectively. This book will walk you through big projects and also provide tips and tricks that will make the jobs simpler. The tips and techniques include:

  • Putting together a kit of essential tools
  • Tips on basic wall repair
  • Understand how to choose and install proper blinds
  • How to repair holes in plaster†
  • How to hang a heavy picture†
  • Tips for sanding a large area
  • How to build a home theater system
  • The basics of upholstery
  • Common exterior paint problems and solutions
  • How to sharpen a mower blade
  • Fixing a sluggish garage door
  • Understand how to choose and install proper blinds

Next time you have a project to do around the house, just check Trade Secrets for the proper procedure to follow, tools to use and tricks to speed and improve your work. Youíll be done in no time and your house will look better than ever.


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