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I Wish I Knew That
Cool Stuff You Need to Know

By Steve Martin, Mike Goldsmith, Ph.D., and Marianne Taylor

Subject: Bestselling I Used to Know That Series
hardcover | 144 pages | 5 3/8 x 8 x 11/16
US$9.99 | CAN$10.99 |Ages: 9-12
Publication Date: 2011-05-12
ISBN: 9781606523407
EBOOK: 9781606522981
Jump ahead of your class! Speed through science, whiz through history, and make light of math with this fun and cool guide packed with hundreds of bite-size chunks of essential information.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Low Marks Away!
Have you ever been excited to find out you knew something the other kids in your class didn't? Then just think about how you would feel if you knew hundreds of fascinating tidbits—on everything from art, literature, and history to geography, science, and math—from just one quick-and-easy read crammed with fun and cool stuff you shouldn't have to wait to find out about. With I Wish I Knew That you will speed through science, whiz through history, and take a dip into the classic Greek and Roman myths in no time at all. Inside, learn all about . . .
  • Classic Reads: A guide to classic children's literature such as Call of The Wild, Anne of Green Gables, The Wind in The Willows, Little Women and Shakespeare.
  • How Land is Shaped and Changed: Erosion, Glaciers, Volcanoes and the world's tallest mountain, largest sea, and longest river.
  • Math Stuff: Jump Into Geometry by learning that the three points of a triangle, whose angles always add up to 180 make measuring more precise.
  • Science at a Glance: The Periodic table which was invented by Dmitri Mendeleyev and beginners' Biology
  • History Stuff: Early explorers, important wars, all the Presidents and British Kings and Queens as well as the names of the countries and their capital cities.
  • Bonus sections include Poet's Corner, Brief History of Music, The World Of Art and Geological Time, In Brief
With I Wish I Knew That you'll boost your general knowledge and jump to the head of the class! Make this a permanent fixture on your eReader, and you'll have instant access to searchable knowledge.

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