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The Decadent Housewife
Fun and Flirty Secrets to Keep Him Wrapped around Your Little Finger

By Rosemary Counter

Subject: Humor
hardcover | 112 pages | 6 x 8 1/2
US$16.95 | CAN$18.95
Publication Date: 2011-04-15
ISBN: 9781606522523
From the moment she sends her man off to work, the housewife's day should be filled with cocktails, fashion, and fun.

Desperate Housewife? Not after this course in perfecting the art of lazy lunches and bawdy brunches. What's much more fun than going to work? Not going to work. Thatís not to say you don't contribute. In fact, your mere presence is your contribution. You can't cook, of course, but you sure look cute in an apron. You can't always hold your dirty martinis (they usually get a good hold on you), but you throw a fabulous cocktail party.

Throughout, you'll discover decadent tips to get you what is rightly yours to enjoy:

  • Invest in an air freshener. If you didn't clean today, then why does it smell so damn good in here?
  • Wear lingerie—It will be far more difficult for him to stay mad!
  • Consider tricking a more domestically inclined friend into cooking for you; thank her by sharing martinis.
  • Always carry a fabulous designer handbag: Borrow, rent, or steal as necessary.

Jam-packed with ingenious tips and how-tos, this little book makes a great bridal shower gift! Any woman can learn how to live lavishly, pampering herself in every way—while keeping her man wrapped around her finger.