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Birds in Your Backyard
A Bird Lover's Guide to Creating a Garden Sanctuary

By Robert J. Dolezal

Subject: Nature & Science
Paperback | 272 pages | 7 1/2 X 9
US$17.95 | CAN$19.95
Publication Date: 2009-02-05
ISBN: 9780762109975
Turn your backyard into a blissful bird sanctuary—create an appealing habitat to attract birds and watch them thrive.This indispensable guide for bird enthusiasts is a comprehensive and richly illustrated volume—with over 600 full-color photos. Together with a little careful planning and planting, you can turn your yard into a bird and butterfly oasis.


Robert J. Dolezal has more than 34 years experience in every aspect of publishing. He was formerly publisher of Ortho Books and has authored several books including Reader's Digest Where the Birds Are (9780762108602, 2007). Dolezal has produced articles and photographs for publications such as National Geographic and Time. He lives in California.