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Humor in Uniform
Funny True Stories about Life in the Military

By Reader's Digest Editors

Subject: Humor
Paberback | 224 pages | 5 1/4 x 7 1/4
US$9.95 | CAN$10.95
Publication Date: 2008-05-01
ISBN: 9780762109296
If laughter is the best medicine, then this book is the cure for whatever ails you. The column "Offbase," formally known as "Humor in Uniform," has appeared in Reader's Digest magazine for over half a century. After publishing more than 3,500 jokes, quotes, and laugh-out-loud stories from the one million (and counting) readers who have submitted them, Reader's Digest compiled the very best all in one place.

From a Family Member: My son regaled me with stories about how they do things in the modern Air Force. Being an old Air Force man myself, I scoffed at their complicated methods. "That's not the way we did it when I was in the service," I said. "Yeah," he shot back. "But when you were in, there were only two pilots, Wilbur and Orville."

—Ted Shirley

From an Army Soldier: Our Army Unit was overseas conducting maneuvers with the Marines. On shift one night, a Marine asked my sergeant where he was from. "I'm originally from Central America," said the sergeant. "Oh, yeah?" asked the Marine. "Kansas?"

—David Denbek

From Iraq: At the end of a tough day in Iraq, my daughter, the airman, collapsed onto the first seat in the transport truck, forcing everyone else to climb over her. "Private!" hollered the sergeant, "Skinny girls get in the back, so when we men get on with our weapons and equipment, we don't have to climb over you. Have I made myself clear?" Suddenly my daughter perked up, "Do you really think I'm skinny?"

—Margaret Culbertson

This side-splitting collection of humor—from the world's number-one source of humor—delivers hundreds of anecdotes, cartoons, and quotes from military men and women or their families. More than 500 amusing stories, covering topics from "Basic Training" to "Military Wisdom," show the lighter side of life in the military. Gathered from decades of publishing and only the best reader-supplied cartoons and stories, Humor in Uniform proves that life is often funnier than fiction.


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