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Save Energy Save Money
201 Do-It-Yourself Projects, Tips, and Ideas

By The Family Handyman Editors

Subject: House & Home
Paperback | 256 pages | 7 3/4 x 10 x 1/2
US$17.95 | CAN$19.95
Publication Date: 2008-01-10
ISBN: 9780762109029
With a little time or money, there are hundreds of ways you can lower your energy bills. Find out how with Save Energy Save Money! Based on the latest ideas and newest technology in energy-efficient home-management, the experts at The Family Handyman show 201 do-it-yourself projects, tips, and ideas that will save you money based on the condition and location of your home, budget, and skill level.

Learn how to evaluate your home's energy performance, determine where the biggest savings lie, and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Dozens of simple ideas that will not cost a dime to implement will have a huge impact on your utility bills. Lower the thermostat and save 2 percent per degree; use shades or blinds to control the heat of day and cool of the night; skip the dishwasher's drying cycle; set the water heater to 120 degrees—easy things to do in any home. Other ideas in Save Energy Save Money! are for the more experienced handyman and involve a bit more risk, skills, materials, and tools.

Hundreds of sidebars such as Quick Tips, Caution, Energy-Saving Product, Goof, Solutions, and buying tips are scattered throughout the book

Beside saving money, these projects can help save the Earth—learn how to conserve water by repairing drippy showers and faucets, save gasoline by inspecting tires and changing engine filters, use less electricity with energy-saving bulbs and motion sensors, and much more.

Energy efficiency and a pleasant indoor environment work hand-in-hand and the ideas in Save Energy, Save Money! will not only reduce the drain on your bank account, but you'll also find your home more comfortable. Each of these projects has been tested and re-tested by experts at The Family Handyman to ensure the successful completion of every project.


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